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The Venice Symphony Orchestra (VSO) is redefining what it means to be a "symphony orchestra" in the 21st century. Reimagining the venues, repertoire, and instrumentation of the concert hall and the dance hall.


Offering FREE concerts, FREE education, and FREE music lessons, the VSO seeks to pay its teachers, and musicians thru community support and local grants. Click "DONATE" at the top of the page to support us today, or simply sign up for our mailing list above to stay up to date on all the latest VSO news and concerts.


"From Beck to Beethoven, Beach Boys to Brahms, (Bob) Marley to Mozart…" The VSO draws in music lovers 17 to 70. Come listen for free at our "Upcoming Shows" (see below).

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:::::Upcoming Concerts:::::

The VSO is excited to announce our 2016 calendar coming out Mid-February. Check back after Valentine's Day for more details!


VSO's 3rd Year (2015) is Complete!

Our VENICE Sign Lighting Performance was a major success. Thank You for your continued SUPPORT!!

--Check Back in Mid-Feb 2016 for our new calendar of events--

(Thanks to Venice Paparazzi for the photo below, and to the Venice Chamber for throwing a beautiful event.)